Trip Computer Operation

The following instructions have been taken from the

Opel Vectra A Owners Manual

Trip computer

The Opel trip computer continuously records data, evaluates them electronically and passes them on to the driver. The following information can be displayed at the press of a button:


• Instantaneous consumption

• Average consumption

• Average speed

• Range

• Stop watch

• Outside temperature

• Time (permanent display)


With ignition off: time With ignition on: time, after pressing the function button: selected function. An "F" in a display indicates a fault. Have the cause eliminated by an Opel Dealer or Opel Authorized Service Operation.

Function button (front)

Press until desired function is displayed.

Start button (rear)

If the functions, average consumption, average speed are displayed, they are started together by pressing the start button (for at least two seconds).

Previously stored data are automatically erased – at the same time the stop watch is reset to zero.

The following data cannot be erased: time, instantaneous consumption, range and outside temperature.

Time not set

If the power supply is interrupted or it battery voltage drops below 7 V, all data are erased.

If the voltage has dropped below this level, if the engine was started with jump leads, and after recharging the battery, the trip computer must be reactivated by disconnecting the battery (for at east two minutes) with the engine switched off.

Setting the time

Left: hours button Right: minute button. Precise setting, e.g. using ballpoint pen: Allow hour and minute displays to run on one after the other to the time to be set and press start button or function button when time signal is given.

24 hour display

(12 hour display)

Instantaneous consumption

Display changes depending on speed

Display in l/h below 13 km/h (Fig.)

(Display in gal/h below 8 mph)

Display in l/100 km above 13 km/h

(Display in mpg above 8 mph)

Display 0 l/100 km with overrun cut off

(Display 999.9 mpg with overrun cut off)

Average consumption

Calculation of the average consumption can be restarted at any time ‑ e.g. when refuelling ‑ by pressing the start button.

Display in 0 l/100 km

(Display in 0 mpg)

Average speed

Calculation of the average speed can be restarted at any time ‑ e.g. at start of journey ‑ by pressing the start button.

Stoppages in the journey with the ignition off are not included in the calculations.


Display in 0 km/h

(Display in 0 mph)

Range over 50 km (31 miles)

The range is calculated from the instantaneous fuel level in the tank and the average consumption for the last 20 to 30 km (12 to 19 miles).

After refuelling, the new range is either displayed by pressing the start button or it appears automatically after the vehicle has been driven approx. 10 km (6 miles).

Display in km

(Display in miles)

Range below 50 km (31 miles)

The display switches to 'Range' without the function button being pressed if fuel level in tank is not sufficient for 50 km (31 miles). Numerals flashing.

This warning is cancelled by selecting another function. The display switches automatically again to "Range" after stoppage in journey.

Display in km

(Display in miles)

Stop watch

Zero - start - stop - zero by pressing the start button
Stop watch Time Numerals in display signify
Up to 10 mm mm sec sec 1/10 sec
Up to 60 mm  mm mm sec sec
Up to 100 h hr hr mm mm
From 100 h hr hr hr hr
Operation of the stop watch does not affect the functions

‑ Average consumption

‑ Average speed

Outside temperature

Display of present temperature. A fall in temperature is indicated immediately and a rise in temperature after a time delay.

Caution The road surface may already be icy even though the display indicates a few degrees above 0 'C (32 'F).

Below 3 C (37 F) the display switches to "Outside temperature" without the function button being pressed; it also flashes. This warning is cancelled by selecting another function.

Display in C

(Display in F)